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Scottish SOLO Dinghy Sailing

This Solo was given to Kevan Gibb (Class Rep) by Ted Hill of East Lothian Yacht Club, who unfortunately in the course of storms had his boat severely damaged and written off.

Due to Kevan’s boat building back ground he was able to bring it back to life and through the help of many of the fleet managed to put a rig, sail and trolley together and now the class is able to demonstrate a state of the art boat as used by many in the fleet. In its first year the boat has been used by a number of visitors to the fleet and the end result is that we now have 2 new members who have gone and purchases boats.

Callum Gibb used the boat at the Nationals so many people may have seen it all logoed up and our thanks would go in particular to Ted Hill, Dave Winder the original builder with regards to parts who assisted, Duncan Hepplewhite of Scottish Sailing, Chris Brown Covers and Trailers and all how offered their support in this project.

It is hoped that in the course of the next few seasons the boat will be used by other visiting members of the Scottish dinghy community in the hope of enticing more people to join our fleet.

If you know of anyone that may be interested in using the boat please contact Kevan Gibb

Scottish Solo Demo Boat