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For Sale

For Sale

Solo 3889, ‘Mr Happy’  £1,500 ONO

Good condition, regular on Traveller circuit. kept in garage

Built: A.J.Thresher 1/4/93, Customer: Jon Clarke, Edge sails, Material:  Wood, Shell & deck. Cover:  over boom

Trailer:  Combi, Dragons Ltd, Leicester 1996 (2011 Replacement suspension & bearings for road trailer)

Upgrades:  2009 Interior & deck striped and varnished with Blake’s 2 pack.  2011 Hull repainted with Toplac, new  centreboard gasket


Masts: 1. Procter D splined, (deflection 110mm)  2. Super spar M, (deflection 90mm)

Sails:  1. 2008 North, cut to B plan (loose foot) 2. 2010 North SM10

Price: £1,500 ONO

Contact Mike Lidwell  on 07484277173


For Sale Solo 3799  

Built by Tony Thresher, it has a dark blue hull and varnished wood decking and is in good/very good condition.

I have owned this boat for several years, but it has only been lightly sailed, the last time about five years ago, after which I stopped sailing for various reasons. Since then, it has been stored with covers on and in an airy, dry car port at home. Not long after I bought the boat, I refinished the deck and cockpit sides with two coats of West System 105 epoxy, followed by seven coats of spar varnish.

The hull has a few minor scratches on the paint-work. There is a single sail in good, crisp condition, a Super Spars mast (can't remember which one now). The rudder blade is wooden, with a wooden stock.

The boat comes ready to go and sail, with over and under covers, a tail board with lights and cable, and a Rapide combi trailer, also in generally good condition.

£1000 ono

Contact: Chris Thomas